Foot Treatments

Podology is a clinical foot therapy process that corrects skin and fungal ailments affecting the feet. Florian's team of certified podology technicians have advanced foot treatment training and knowledge for men and women suffering from foot ailments.

40 minutes

Express POD


60 minutes

Standard POD


80 minutes



80 minutes



Our Signature Treatment: Standard POD + Polish.


Lifestyle changes are having a major impact on the health of the skin and nails on our feet, creating a greater need for extra and specialized footcare for all generations. Florian's certified Pological Therapists trained at the North American School of Podology, will assess your foot care concerns and recommend treatment options and footwear suggestions. This comprehensive foot hygiene treatment will restore suppleness to the skin's epidermis, remove excessive plantar callus, heavy cuticle growth, nail groove build-up that impedes proper nail growth, corn and pressure point reduction.

Our podology procedures are highly recommended as regular maintenance services for seniors, men and women.

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